Astoria Florist on 21st Street to Become New Eatery

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in Long Island City


Via Google Maps. Click for a more updated image.

We’ve been curious about the old Astoria Florist space at 44-64 21st Street ever since we heard about its vacancy on the LIC Court Square blog. We’ve reached out to the owner but have gotten no response, but the Cost Affadavit document in the address’s DOB file has a lot to say. From what we can tell, it will be a new eatery, but likely a takeout joint, since there doesn’t seem to be a place for tables and chairs.

There are a number of display cases, both low ones and open shelves, as well as some counters—one by the register and others on the north side, but those look like mercantile counters (flat surfaces on which you can place product). New display refrigerators are on site. There are no public restrooms, and there is a register up front.

From what we can tell, they’ll offer pizza and espresso. They are installing a new walk in refrigerator downstairs, so perhaps this will be a nice new deli. We’ll keep an eye on things and pass on info that comes our way.

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