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Last week Emily, Judith, and I had the pleasure of attending the it event of the spring calendar, Taste of LIC. Held annually in Gantry State Park, the event is attended by over 1,200 people (!!) and plays host to 51 food vendors. But enough about all that, let’s get onto the food!

20140609-093721.jpgI was fortunate enough to get Emily to model our lovely samples from Beyond Kombucha. It’s no secret I’ve been a long time fan of theirs, but this raw coffee flavor is really something else. Light and refreshing (which we desperately needed that hot, muggy night!) but also just the slightest bit smokey. -Mackenzi

I always love to model for the blog! I really enjoyed this drink and not just because it was icy cold. The coffee flavor wasn’t overpowering and I think it’s a great sip for summer. -Emily


The thing about being a vegetarian at things like this is that everyone wants to serve you bread. Imagine my delight when I saw this quinoa salad from Breadbox Cafe. Simple and satisfying with a nice crunch from the sliced peppers, I could easily see this being a favorite lunch option this summer. -Mackenzi

Taste of LIC_Alobar

Green Gazpacho Taste of LIC

If you’re even slightly a gazpacho fan, run, don’t walk to Alobar to try their newest offering. Their twist on the classic dish started off with a green gazpacho base to which crab, grapes, and herbal micro cilantro greens were added. A must-try dish! – Mackenzi

This dish also gets a big gold star in my book. Gazpacho feels like summer to me and Alobar has taken their green variety it to whole new level. It maintains that light summery feel but packs in so much flavor. I can’t wait to have a whole bowl of it! -Emily


Really impressed by Manducatis Rustica’s presentation here, it immediately caught my eye. I’m happy to say that the flavor of the octopus salad matched its beautiful presentation, as it boasted nice, tender texture and bright citrusy notes from a simple, lemony vinaigrette.  - Judith


Excited to see something healthy and nutritious, I took a big bite of Sage General Store’s kale salad, which was assembled on the spot and made with fresh ingredients.  Accompanied by a creamy polenta and some deeply favored brisket, it made for a satisfying and bright dish. – Judith


Blend is one of my LIC favorites and in a neighborhood that always changes, it remains a key mainstay.  Their showpiece dish consisted of a loaded plantain with fresh pico de gallo, crumbly cotija cheese and creamy guac.  What a yummy bite! – Judith


While navigating the maze of food delights, we ran into our good friends from R’A’R Bar.  The WHLIC team had a chance to sample this particular salad at a recent menu tasting. It’s a perfect dish for summer, light, fresh with a hint of crunch. Delicious! -Emily


Our good friends from Bear were also in attendance serving up a caviar-topped cured herring dish. Check out that condensation on the pot, picture proof of the evenings warm mugginess. -Emily

Although herring isn’t for everyone, given my Eastern European heritage, I adore it.  Appreciating Bear’s rustic presentation of this dish and the confidence in which they prepared it, I devoured it in all its glory, not shying away from the onions, fresh herbs and bright lemon juice.  - Judith


The staff at Woodbines demonstrate their love of the LIC neighborhood. At their table we sampled a slightly spicy chili and scotch eggs.  -Emily

I must add that the Scotch Egg was done beautifully and the outside remained relatively crispy, which is no easy feat, especially due to the unfavorable humid conditions of the night. – Judith

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