An Early First Hand Look at Station LIC

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Over the weekend, I got an invite to a private party at Station LIC, held as a way for the owner, Gregory Okshteyn, to visit with friends old and new. As you know, we broke the news of this place and have been following it for months as it’s been under construction.

We entered the building through the entrance on 50th Ave and were greeted by Gregory himself, a tall, affable guy that was happy to see everyone who came through the door. He invited us to hang out and have a drink. We were also greeted by this wooden sculpture of torsos, which was very cool.


The bar is on the left and the rest of the room is pretty much seating—chairs and tables with steel benches around the perimeter. Here’s a shot of the bar—the bar itself is made of thick glass, something I hadn’t really seen before.


Photo credit: Station LIC

People flowed in and the bartenders made some nice, simple cocktails, like one that was basically champagne and St. Germain. Yum.


One striking feature about the building is the large amount of windows that let diffused light in. It’s going to be a really nice place to be once winter comes and the light becomes more harsh; these windows will soften it.

I liked this corner spot next to more conventional windows, on the Jackson Ave side.


We ventured downstairs, too, and saw the kitchen and one of the private VIP rooms. It’s an empty space but can be filled with a table and some high chairs. There’s a flat screen TV in there, too.


On the wall they’ve hung part of an iron skeleton of a piano, which looks really good. Apparently it was found there in the building.


Gulbransen made player pianos (and organs) and are known for their innovations, including the built-in Leslie speaker system in their organs.

We also ran across a number of pictures in the hall downstairs depicting train wrecks.


We asked when Station LIC was going to open, and they expect it will be a couple of weeks at least, or whenever ConEd will turn on the gas. While we were downstairs, we ran into the chef, who told us her favorite dish on the menu is the Ponzi Burger. We’ll have to give it a try.


See you soon, Station LIC!

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Station LIC, 10-37 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101,

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