An Update on Citi Bike – It’s Coming to LIC Sooner Than Originally Thought

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Over on Facebook we saw the news from Jimmy Van Bramer regarding Citi Bike (now owned by REQX):

The Blue Bikes (@CitibikeNYC) are in Queens! The day has finally arrived and through my advocacy efforts we are unveiling Citi Bike for the first time in the borough today! Proud to have helped secure docking stations in LIC & Queensbridge. Our work isn’t done yet. I will continue working to make sure our City’s bike share program is established in Astoria, Sunnyside, Woodside and beyond.

Well, that sounds pretty exciting! We did expect, however, that the bike share program would come to Queens, it’s just that we were never sure exactly when—seems like the time is now for LIC! The NY Times has more info on the remaining areas of Queens for the next expansion, thought they are still a bit vague:

Starting next year, the 12,000 bikes will be at more than 700 stations, including Astoria and Sunnyside, Queens; Red Hook, Park Slope and Greenpoint, Brooklyn; and the Upper East Side, Upper West Side and Harlem.


Image credit: Citi Bike

The article goes on to say that annual membership pricing will increase significantly: from the current price of $95 to $149; that’s a 60% increase. The good news is that more membership types are being considered, including monthly passes and “seasonal” passes (one guesses perhaps passes for the summer). Right now there are only annual, weekly ($25), and daily ($9.95) passes. More overall info on the expansion and rate change can be found on this Citi Bike blog post, published today.

Still, as awesome as some people feel about the bike share, there are folks that really think it’s crap. Some of the anti-bike-share commentary include strong feelings regarding the loss of parking and general notions that our taxpayer dollars have been flushed away for naught. How about you? Do you welcome the bike share to Queens or do you feel it is a waste on various levels. Leave us a comment or a tweet!

Citi Bike to Expand as New York City Reaches Deal With Private Company [NYT]
Expansion! Woo hoo! [Citi Bike]

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RL December 15, 2014 at 2:55 pm

i bought a bike share membership when if first came out since some news outlets reported the LIC expansion would hit in September of that year, so Citibike is coming to LIC much later than originally thought. I think it’s a good system with some flaws. Biking in NYC is generally really awesome, but since I also drive in NYC I have seen the hazards firsthand.

There is far too little regulation of biking rules. My car got scratched by a biker going the wrong way down a bike lane at night without a light.


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