Cannelle Patisserie is Coming to Long Island City This Spring

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Cannelle Patisserie’s storefront in Jackson Heights.

Through various channels during a recent internet surf session, we’ve learned that the amazing Cannelle Patisserie is opening up a second location in LIC! I love Cannelle’s work and am super excited to see them open a new location west of Jackson Heights. Jackson Heights Herald first posted about it on their twitter feed.


UPDATE 5/14/14: We reached out to the folks at Cannelle and heard back from one of the owners, Jean Claude Perennou, and learned that there has been a delay with the construction and their opening will probably happen around  September/October. We’ll check back again with them late summer for an update.


For a while, we were able to access Cannelle’s pastries fairly conveniently at Patisserie Pistache, which served as sort of an outlet for things like croissants and other breakfast pastries. They closed last May, to the disappointment of many an Astorian. But this new location in LIC is a much more solid option and will make it much easier for people in greater Western Queens to enjoy Cannelle’s pastries; their current location in Jackson Heights is quite a haul by public transportation.

This location will be in The Maximilian, a luxury rental building that was developed by O’Connor Capital Partners and Rose Associates, located at 5-11 47th Ave. It’s right around the corner from where the new housewares shop, Warehouse Housewares & Hardwares, is going to be.

Last time I was at Cannelle, I was blown away by all the beautiful and delicious things they make. Here are a few shots of their work.


An almond croissant.


A beautiful slice of Gateau Breton (top) and a fantastic canelé (bottom).


Beautiful cakes.

We’ll keep an eye on this and let you know more details as we have them. So exciting!


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