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LIC Beer Project_TapsLIC is becoming a hotbed for carefully crafted beers, Saisons, IPA’s, Ales, Stouts and more! No matter the type, these brewmasters are mixing personal passions with delicious flavor combinations. Last month the four LIC Brewery’s banded together to encourage folks to get out explore Long Island City, and visit the places where all the magic happens!

Completed Passport

Participants could get a stamp for each brewery visited. A completed passport made you eligible for prizes!

The LIC Brewery Tour might officially be over, but you can visit any and all of these locations throughout the year. Below is my fuzzy recollection of my LIC Brewery Tour. Cheers!

Transmitter Brewery

TransmitterTransmitter Brewery is nestled underneath the Pulaski Bridge. You can walk ¾ of the way across, (don’t go over the water) go down a staircase and find yourself right at the brewery’s doorstep. Not only did we do a tasting, we got to speak directly with the brewers on a “tour.” I use quotations because we only walked 5 steps from the tasting room, stood next to a giant tank, and had a conversation. Transmitter beers come in these nice tall bottles, and the group is really inspired and interested in resurrecting Farm Ales or Saisons. We sampled the SY1 a Saison Ale, the FY a Brett Golden Ale, and NY1 a beer made with all New York state ingredients. You might find it interesting to know that this fall Transmitter has a couple of sour beer varieties coming out. I’ll be back to try those. It might be off the beaten path but it’s worth the trip.

The view of Transmitter Brewing taking the stairs off the Bridge.

The view of Transmitter Brewing taking the stairs off the Bridge.

Transmitter Brewery (53-02 11th St, Long Island City|(646) 378-8529)| Facebook Instagram | Twitter

Rockaway Logo

Rockaway Brewery

After getting our Saison on, we trekked over to grab some grub at the LIC Flea Market.  Our second stop Rockaway Brewery was and is conveniently located right across the street, a more convenient location then their old stomping grounds in Far Rockaway. Although the location has changed, the cold beers are still reminiscent of a sunny surf day. If IPA’s are up your alley, Rockaway is the stop for you. At the time of our visit, Rockaway had two choices of flights available Classic and the Other. We chose the Other which included Beach Beer, Curiosity, Cream Ale, and Nitro Ale. My fav of the flight? Cream Ale. As its’ name suggest there was a creaminess to the crisp flavor. It almost reminded me of some versions of Red Ales that I had in the past, but lighter and sweeter.

Rockaway Brewery_FlightsRockaway Brewery (46-01 5th St, Long Island City|(718) 482-6528) )| Facebook Instagram | Twitter

Big Alice Brewery_Flights Big Alice Brewing

At this point in the game we were feeling real good! We headed over to Big Alice next. In either a very smart or buzzy fueled decision we did a double flight, which meant we got to sample all 8 beers that were presently on tap. What I found surprising was how much I actually enjoyed some of the darker beers. Maybe my palate is changing with age? One of the darker varieties I really enjoyed, the Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout. You could actually taste a hint of that peanuty taste. If you have a buddy do the double flight, Big Alice has a lot of delicious beers to sample.

Big Alice TanksBig Alice Brewery (8-08 43rd Rd, New York|(347) 688-2337)
Facebook Instagram | Twitter

LIC Beer ProjectLIC Beer Project

After the double flight, I’ll admit I looked at my LIC Brewery passport and thought I might have to tap out. Take an Uber home and admit defeat. My partner in crime during this operation (hubs Daniel) rallied me to the cause. Last stop LIC Beer Project. Admittedly I had experience with the beers from the other breweries, having run across their brands while out and about in restaurants and bars. But LIC Project was totally new to me. When we (almost literally) crawled in I was struck by how large the space was. The other breweries were tight and compact, LIC Project has enough space to have Cornhole right by the fermenting tanks. At the time they only had three beers on tap; so no flights options, you had to go big or go home. I settled on a glass of the Silent Vixen (so me right?)  while Dan tried the guest tap Cider. The Silent Vixen was a French Country Ale; it had an earthy, and dry finish. Very easy to sip during a game of Cornhole. The guest Cider was a Millstone Farm cider, it was nicely funky, tart, and also finished dry. We finished our beers, played some Cornhole, and then it was really time to take an Uber and head home.

LIC Beer Project_CornholeLIC Beer Project (39-28 23rd Street, Long Island City|(917) 832-6840)| Facebook Instagram | Twitter

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