LIC Beer Project_TapsLIC is becoming a hotbed for carefully crafted beers, Saisons, IPA’s, Ales, Stouts and more! No matter the type, these brewmasters are mixing personal passions with delicious flavor combinations. Last month the four LIC Brewery’s banded together to encourage folks to get out explore Long Island City, and visit the places where all the magic happens!

Completed Passport

Participants could get a stamp for each brewery visited. A completed passport made you eligible for prizes!

The LIC Brewery Tour might officially be over, but you can visit any and all of these locations throughout the year. Below is my fuzzy recollection of my LIC Brewery Tour. Cheers!

Transmitter Brewery

TransmitterTransmitter Brewery is nestled underneath the Pulaski Bridge. You can walk ¾ of the way across, (don’t go over the water) go down a staircase and find yourself right at the brewery’s doorstep. Not only did we do a tasting, we got to speak directly with the brewers on a “tour.” I use quotations because we only walked 5 steps from the tasting room, stood next to a giant tank, and had a conversation. Transmitter beers come in these nice tall bottles, and the group is really inspired and interested in resurrecting Farm Ales or Saisons. We sampled the SY1 a Saison Ale, the FY a Brett Golden Ale, and NY1 a beer made with all New York state ingredients. You might find it interesting to know that this fall Transmitter has a couple of sour beer varieties coming out. I’ll be back to try those. It might be off the beaten path but it’s worth the trip.

The view of Transmitter Brewing taking the stairs off the Bridge.

The view of Transmitter Brewing taking the stairs off the Bridge.

Transmitter Brewery (53-02 11th St, Long Island City|(646) 378-8529)| Facebook Instagram | Twitter

Rockaway Logo

Rockaway Brewery

After getting our Saison on, we trekked over to grab some grub at the LIC Flea Market.  Our second stop Rockaway Brewery was and is conveniently located right across the street, a more convenient location then their old stomping grounds in Far Rockaway. Although the location has changed, the cold beers are still reminiscent of a sunny surf day. If IPA’s are up your alley, Rockaway is the stop for you. At the time of our visit, Rockaway had two choices of flights available Classic and the Other. We chose the Other which included Beach Beer, Curiosity, Cream Ale, and Nitro Ale. My fav of the flight? Cream Ale. As its’ name suggest there was a creaminess to the crisp flavor. It almost reminded me of some versions of Red Ales that I had in the past, but lighter and sweeter.

Rockaway Brewery_FlightsRockaway Brewery (46-01 5th St, Long Island City|(718) 482-6528) )| Facebook Instagram | Twitter

Big Alice Brewery_Flights Big Alice Brewing

At this point in the game we were feeling real good! We headed over to Big Alice next. In either a very smart or buzzy fueled decision we did a double flight, which meant we got to sample all 8 beers that were presently on tap. What I found surprising was how much I actually enjoyed some of the darker beers. Maybe my palate is changing with age? One of the darker varieties I really enjoyed, the Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout. You could actually taste a hint of that peanuty taste. If you have a buddy do the double flight, Big Alice has a lot of delicious beers to sample.

Big Alice TanksBig Alice Brewery (8-08 43rd Rd, New York|(347) 688-2337)
Facebook Instagram | Twitter

LIC Beer ProjectLIC Beer Project

After the double flight, I’ll admit I looked at my LIC Brewery passport and thought I might have to tap out. Take an Uber home and admit defeat. My partner in crime during this operation (hubs Daniel) rallied me to the cause. Last stop LIC Beer Project. Admittedly I had experience with the beers from the other breweries, having run across their brands while out and about in restaurants and bars. But LIC Project was totally new to me. When we (almost literally) crawled in I was struck by how large the space was. The other breweries were tight and compact, LIC Project has enough space to have Cornhole right by the fermenting tanks. At the time they only had three beers on tap; so no flights options, you had to go big or go home. I settled on a glass of the Silent Vixen (so me right?)  while Dan tried the guest tap Cider. The Silent Vixen was a French Country Ale; it had an earthy, and dry finish. Very easy to sip during a game of Cornhole. The guest Cider was a Millstone Farm cider, it was nicely funky, tart, and also finished dry. We finished our beers, played some Cornhole, and then it was really time to take an Uber and head home.

LIC Beer Project_CornholeLIC Beer Project (39-28 23rd Street, Long Island City|(917) 832-6840)| Facebook Instagram | Twitter






Photo Courtesy of Gene Coffey’s Instagram

Interested in getting inked? Great news!  Coffey Shop Tattoos, a custom tattoo shop, has opened in Long Island City. Owner Gene Coffey is bringing his signature style to our neighborhood after working at Tattoo Culture in Brooklyn for nine years. Take a look at his Instagram to check out some of his beautiful work!

Gene, who works by appointment only, is currently booked through November. If you’re interested in inquiring about an appointment between December 2015 and January 2016, e-mail the shop on November 1 for a consultation form. Set a reminder on your calendar now!

Here are a few examples of Gene’s stunning work, from his Instagram:



Coffey Shop Tattoos are currently not accepting walk-ins, but they’re exploring the option of offering that service in the future. However, people are encouraged to stop by to check out the space and say hi to Gene!

 Who’s excited for a new ink shop in the neighborhood?


Coffey Shop Tattoos (21-36 44th Rd, Long Island City)|(718) 433-4228 | Instagram





Ramen FOR Days at Smorgasburg Queens

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How good does this look??

How good does this look??

Have you been to Smorgasburg Queens yet? If you haven’t, it’s time to add it to your summer bucket list. Our neighborhood’s post of the popular Brooklyn food market has everything you loved about the original Smorgasburg, just closer to home and with less crowds. Bonus: it’s a ten-minute walk from LIC Flea, so you can hit two local food markets in one afternoon!

Last weekend, myself and a friend stopped by Ramen Shack at Smorgasburg Queens and slurped our way through Chef Keizo Shimamoto’s ramen offerings. You may have heard of Shimamoto as the mastermind behind the ramen burger, a culinary mash-up that has resulted in adoring fans and LONG lines. At Ramen Shack, he brings his signature playful approach to more traditional bowls of steaming ramen. Let’s get eating, shall we?

Classic, and delicious

Chuukasoba: Classic and delicious.

We started with the Classic Chuukasoba ramen, which was the best choice for an introduction. It was very clean and straightforward: everything you love about a bowl of high-quality ramen. It’s Chef Shimamoto’s favorite dish of the three, since its classic, old-school flavor reminds him of his family from Tokyo. The noodles and soy sauce-based, scallion-studded broth were tasty, but the standout was the meat. The pork just melts in your mouth, with the perfect level of fattiness. (And the real-life emoji fish cake adds some fun color!)


Just the right amount of heat.

Just the right amount of heat.

Next up was the Special spicy Tan Tan bowl. I was a little nervous about this one, since I’m not usually a fan of spicy dishes. Luckily, the threaded chili pepper and spicy ground pork floating in the broth provided just the right kick without being overpowering, and the seaweed and mushrooms added a nice textural touch. Again, the pork and noodles were top notch. This dish was my friend’s favorite of the three, as she’s a girl that likes a little heat!



An unexpectedly creamy broth made this bow my favorite.

An unexpectedly creamy broth made this bowl my favorite.

My favorite dish of the afternoon was the Pai Tan, which had a thick, silky chicken broth. From the taste, you would think that a dash of cream was added to the recipe, but according to chef  Shimamoto, the richness is a result of the cooking method: a 4-5 hour boil on high heat. If you’re the type that prefers thicker sauces for your noodles, definitely give this one a try.


Step into the Shack! Photo Credit: Ramen Shack's Facebook Page

Step into the Shack! Photo Credit: Ramen Shack’s Facebook Page

Eating steaming bowls of ramen on a hot day may seem like an odd choice, but for us, the deliciousness was worth it. And we’re certainly not alone, as Ramen Shack is consistently one of the most popular stands at Smorgasburg Queens. The seating area is tight, so you will likely have to wait a little bit to get into the “shack.” Once you’re able to snag a spot, you’ll be in good hands with Chef Shimamoto. Happy slurping!


Ramen Shack (43-29 Crescent St in Long Island City, with Smorgasburg Queens)|(929) 522-0285 | Facebook | Instagram







If you or anyone you know from Queens has a performance ready dance piece that is waiting to be seen by the world share this with them ASAP.

The Queensboro Dance Festival is on a mission to shine the spotlight on the dance community in Queens with their second annual show.   Their goal is “to strengthen the dance identity in Queens and bring together our local community.” The show will go up October 12-18, 2015 at The Secret Theater in Long Island City.



So if you are a choreographer with a ready-to-show piece and would be even remotely interested in the chance to show of your work and meet and network with other fellow artists, check out the offers and requirements below. Deadline for the Application is Sept. 7th, 2015.



§  Choreographers must live in the borough of Queens (resident address)

§  Dance works must be performance ready, NO works-in-progress

§  Dance works must not exceed 12 minutes

§  Unedited, continuous video of proposed work

§  If accepted, a $50 production fee is due via PayPal

The Queensboro Dance Festival offers participants:

§  1 tech rehearsal

§  1-3 performance evenings

§  1 complementary show ticket

§  Kick-off party to network with fellow Queens dancers, organizations, and local media

§  Opportunity to receive photo and video footage

TO APPLY/MORE INFO, Visit them here. 


Keep an eye out for more details about the festival itself! Coming Soon.






This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill! This Thursday and Friday (Aug. 27th & Aug. 28th) only, Rockaway Brewery will be hosting a Kimchi Smoke special pop-up menu. The menu is the result of the collaboration between chefs Keizo Shimamoto (Ramen Burger) and Austin Cho (Kimchi Smoke), born after the two met at Smorgasburg Queens. Here’s what they’ll be featuring:

“Kimchi Smoke will be showcasing their all time best selling item (it is not the Chonut), Austin Cho with the Ramen Burger buns! The new remix will be called “Austin Ramen Cho” and inside the iconic buns will be the 12hr Smoked Brisket, Fatboy Bourbon Chipotle Sauce, Hickory Smoked Kimchi, Cheddar Cheese, and Applewood smoked Bacon.”

And if that doesn’t make your mouth melt just by thinking about it. Then this will:


According to Kimchi Smoke, they’ll also be serving, “Chonut, brisket, pulled pork, smoked kimchi, cheese on a glazed donut and Chicken and Waffles, which has Ramen Fried Chicken over a glazed donut drizzled with Fatboy Gochu Sauce (Honey Citron and Gochujang).”


So stop by the Rockaway Brewery Thursday or Friday or both between 5pm-10pm to get a taste of what’s sure to become one of Kimchi Smoke’s most iconic menus yet.

Photos via Kimchi Smoke

Rockaway Brewery (46-01 5th St. | (718) 482-6528) | FacebookInstagram | Twitter

How do you feel about Kimchi Smoke’s return to Rockaway Brewery? Let us know in the comments!





The LIC Block Party at SculptureCenter is a pretty perfect weekend event for friends, families, artists, neighbors, and pretty much everyone else. There’s live music and performances, booths with fun and interesting goods, artists waiting to lead activities, food, costumes, art from Queens based institutions, etc. What else could you want in a neighborhood block party?

The event will take place this Saturday, August 22nd from 12-5pm at SculptureCenter on Purves St. in LIC (the corner of Jackson Ave. and 43rd Ave.). According to our LIC Block Party Liason, Ben Whine,  “The Block Party is a great way for SculptureCenter to share our program and our home on Sculpture Street (also known as Purves Street!) with our community of artists and with Long Island City at large. This year’s event promises to be even bigger and better than ever, taking over the whole of our recently expanded building and much of the street.” Admission is free so there’s no reason not to go.

So here are 8 things you might end up doing if you do go to the LIC Block Party:


1. Meeting and chatting with a variety of local artists ranging from dancers to sculptors to clothing designers, etc.


2. Unleashing your inner artist for the day


3. Working up the courage to learn a new way to move your body


4. Having a silly costumes photo op in the works


5. Watching your kid meet their new best friend at the arts and crafts table


6. Finding that perfect art piece that is both interesting and functional for your book shelf or coffee table


7. Picking up a new hobby


8. Experiencing a different kind of one-on-one interaction


Check out the event site for more info on artists, musicians, food vendors, and more!

All Photos Via Joanne O’Connor & SculptureCenter

SculptureCenter (44-19 Purves St. | (718) 361-1750) | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Are you going to the LIC Block Party? Let us know why below in the comments.






Today, we received the sad news that Elska in LIC will be closing. The popular clothing and goods store has been a part of the community for 3 years and are now unable to stay due to rent increases. They published a heart-warming letter for their customers and friends on facebook about their current situation and what will happen next.

“Dear Customers + Friends,

 With heavy hearts, we are writing to inform you that we will be closing our store, elska, (formerly LIC: living) on September 30, 2015.

 We faced an unexpected and unreasonable increase in rent and are unable to renew our lease. For three years, we nurtured this store, watched it grow, and established many treasured connections within it. We are proud of the fact that we know so many of our customers by name, and that we offered products and merchandise that were not only beautiful, but also high in quality and socially responsible. …”

Read the rest of the letter here.

Beginning August 18th they will be having a sale starting at 30% discounts that will increase until their final closing on September 30th, 2015. They will also be selling any fixtures they have in store you might be interested.

Though we will seriously miss having Elska around in the neighborhood, we can’t wait to see what they have planned for the future.

Elska (5-35 51st Ave.|718.361.5650|Mon. Closed, Tues.-Sat. 11am-7pm, Sun. 11am-5pm)

Share your favorite Elska moments, purchases, items, or anything below in the comments. We’d love to hear about it.






Photo Courtesy of Michel Dominguez

The Bikes are underway! Citi Bike has officially installed 9 stations already with the plan to install 3 more. Click on this link to see all current and upcoming locations.

They will be celebrating the addition of the Citibike stations to LIC with a launch party on Wed. August, 19th from 12pm to 2pm at the 44th Ave. and Jackson Ave. Bike station.  They will be offering free Italian Ice from Andy’s Italian Ices and will have a special appearance by Mr. and Mrs. Met. If you can’t make that one though, don’t sweat it. They’ll also be having a dock party at Hunter’s Point Park later in August.

Best of all though, they are also offering a $25 discount on annual memberships for new members. Sign up by August 31st for the discount to apply.

How do you feel about Citi Bike in LIC? Let us know below in the comments!





When You Need a Lemonade…


Lychee Lemonade Via Yummly

Try Gaw Gai Thai Express’s summer lychee lemonade. It’s the epitome of a warm-weather drink with a tasty twist.

23-06 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 706-0999
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 11am-9pm, Sat. 12pm-9pm, Sun. Closed

For Your Health Kick…

Paris Health New Direction offers all sorts of fruit and veggie smoothies and juices so whether you’re just looking for a whole meal replacement or a healthy drink to cool off, you can bet they’ve got just the right one for you.

49-11 Vernon Blvd.
Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 472-0303

To Get Your Coffee Fix…


Rocket Fuel @ Sweetleaf Via Dishblogger

Sweetleaf is the place to get coffee in Long Island City. Don’t miss out on local favorites like the rocket fuel and voodoo child.

46-15 Center Blvd.
Long Island City, NY 11109
(347) 527-1038
Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 7am-12am, Fri. 7am-2am, Sat. 8am-2am, Sun. 8am-Midnight.
 10-93 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101
(917) 832-6726
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7am-7pm, Sat.-Sun. 8am-7pm

At The Flea Market…

There’s no doubt that Tea+ Milk is a LIC flea favorite. Try this refreshing drink instead of your usual latte—perfect for a stroll on the water after the LIC Flea and Food Market.

5-25 46th Ave.
Long Island City, NY 1101
Hours: Sat.-Sun. 10am-6pm

Out On The Town…

Grab a caipirinha at Anable Basin Sailing Bar and Grill and sip on the doc as you watch the sun set behind that one of a kind Manhattan skyline.

4-40 44th Dr.
Long Island City, NY 11101
(646) 207-1333
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 5pm-2am, Sat.-Sun. Noon-2am

Which one will you try first? Let us know below in the comments.





Looking for something to sweeten up your weekend? Look no further. Flux Factory—a collective in LIC dedicated to nurturing up-and-coming artists—is hosting a fabulous, interactive ice cream installation this weekend. Here’s a little blurb from their event page that explains exactly what kind of fun you’ll be in for if you head over to Flux Factory’s Good Humor event.

“Come for the art, stay for the ice cream….or is it the other way around? Create your own plaster ice cream sculpture to last the ages. Scoop, squeeze, and serve plaster mixed with dye, paint, glitter, marbles and other ‘toppings’ at the sculpture station. Add your vision to the installation, or take it home to display your sculptural prowess (for future generations, of course). Take a ‘turn’ cranking the old-fashioned ice cream machine as we serve up new flavors on the hour. Classic and experimental approaches to flavoring need taste buds! Engage in the collaborative process, learn new techniques, and add your expertise to the social environment.”


Via Toronto Savvy. Good Humor Truck 1940s-50s

Oh also did I mention there will be a comedy show, a dj, and of course actual ice cream? At Good Humor you’re sure to have a day of good laughs, fun music, and a satisfied sweet tooth.


More Info Below

Flux Factory
39-31 29th Street
Long Island City, NY 1101
(347) 669-1406


Facebook Event Page
August 8th-9th
August 8th- Opening Reception 3pm-11pm

3pm Ice Cream on the hour

5pm Build your own ice cream sculpture

9pm Stand up comedy show

9:30pm DJ set


August 9th- Gallery Showing


So will you be going for the ice cream or the art? Let us know below in the comments!