Museum of The Moving Image Goes Crazy For Cats!

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Townes the cat is bored with today's Internet offerings, and wants to check out the exhibit! Photo Credit: Jenna Clapp

Townes the cat is bored with today’s Internet offerings, and wants to go to the museum! Photo Credit: Jenna Clapp

By now, you may have heard that the Museum of The Moving Image is presenting the cutest, furriest exhibition of all time: How Cats Took Over The Internet, running from August 7, 2015–January 31, 2016. The five-month presentation will explore how our feline friends have taken the Internet by storm, chronicling the popularity of CaturdayLilBublolcats, and the general fervor generated by cat videos and celebrity cats.  The exhibition will be located in the Museum’s amphitheater gallery, and will feature an assortment of Internet cat videos, GIFs, and images, and touch upon the cause of such adoration, exploring concepts like anthropomorphism and the aesthetics of cuteness, the framework of the Bored at Work Network, and the rise of user-generated content. Sounds like the most adorable way to spend a few hours!

Bella is studying hard for her MBA. Photo Credit: Rachel Maleady

Bella is studying hard for her MBA. Photo Credit: Rachel Maleady

Is your cat worthy of Internet fame? (Of course they are!) Before the exhibition kicks off, we’ll be putting together a community post of the coolest Astoria & LIC cats surfing the web, much like our adorable models here. Snap a photo of your feline Internet-ing and post to Instagram with the hashtag #WeHeartAstoriaCats, and we’ll pick our favorites to include in a post leading up to the event’s premiere. We want to see your cats watching YouTube videos, searching for apartments on Craigslist, browsing community happenings on We Heart Astoria, whatever! Just get them posted to Instagram by Monday, August 3rd to be included. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Cat is enjoying a healthy breakfast before spending a lazy day surfing the web. Photo Credit: Alex Graves

Cat is enjoying a healthy breakfast before spending a lazy day surfing the web. Photo Credit: Alex Graves

For more information about the exhibition, check out MoMI’s official press release here.

Museum of the Moving Image is located at 36-01 35th Ave, Astoria. (718) 777-6888 Website Facebook Twitter Instagram





Get your helmets ready L.I.C, because Citi Bike is coming to Queens. Soon, many of the more popular areas of LIC will be lined with blue bikes and their stations. Though Citi Bike’s intention was to bring their services to LIC much earlier on, expansion first halted after Citi Bikes suffered water setback from Hurricane Sandy.

IMG_4108Photo Courtesy of @arche.instinct 

After hiring Jay Walder as the new chief executive last fall, Citi Bike has seen in an increasing push in their growth in numbers and development for better quality bikes and services. So despite some struggles, it seems the Citi Bike is back on track.

IMG_4109Photo Courtesy of @aspensnowski

The bikes are getting a new makeover along with better features that include gears, night lights, faster-reacting breaks, and water-conscious seats. The company has also been working on improving their technological software for their app, website, and kiosks for a more user-friendly approach.

 CB New Bike

Photo Courtesy of Citi Bike

Citi Bike promises that 12 stations will be opening up for L.I.C. cyclists in August of this year. So whether you’re leisurely riding down the water or from one train station to another or even into Manhattan, this installment will arrive just in time to enjoy the end of the summer weather. Check out the map below to see which bike stations will be near you.

LIC Bike MapPhoto Courtesy of Citi Bike

Are you excited for Citi Bike’s arrival in L.I.C? We’d love to hear more about it in the comments.







image3L’Inizio means ‘the beginning’ in Italian. When speaking about cooking, L’Inizio Pizza Bar owner and LIC native, Tom Blaze emphasizes that his approach is about going back to the basics; Quality and simplicity. Every single ingredient at L’Inizio Pizzeria falls into one of more categories: Organic, Home Made, and Fresh. I’ve loved the pizza at L’Inizio since they opened last August; now I know why.


Tom places an equal amount of intention and care into the design and overall atmosphere inside L’Inizio. From the floor tiles (Italian) to the light fixtures, Tom chose them all. His hope was to create a welcoming and relaxed space for people to enjoy quality pizza. More casual than Italian dining, but certainly more elevated than your average “slice joint.”

Linizio INterior

When he isn’t overseeing every operational aspect of the business, you can find him happily tending the garden out back. There you will find the source of their fresh basil, zucchini, tomatoes, hot peppers and more.


I arrived hungry which proved wise as I was given not one but two delicious slices to try. First up, on top of the fresh mozzeralla was jalepeno and sautéed onions that was perfectly spicy with the onions balancing the heat nicely.


Next, a slice with soppressetta and marinated cherry tomatoes that alleviated a pleasantly residual spiciness. If you are adventurous and have a spicy palette, try the marinated hot pepper sauce that is in a jar on the counter from which you can help yourself.


All that pizza got me thirsty, which was perfect because they invited me to explore their relatively new wine and beer bar. They have a well curated selection of Italian and California wines as well as three beers on tap.


When I asked how he chose the wine and beer, he went back to their guiding principles of quality as well as the importance of enhancing the innate flavor of the food. The Gavi white wine I sipped did just that: complimented and balanced my delicious meal.



When you visit L’Inizio (and you should), step out back to the garden. There you will see first hand their commitment to freshness as you see the basil, hot peppers, and tomatoes growing around the perimeter. Nestled in the center are metal bistro tables and chairs situated under charming string lights. It is definitely one of the most charming outdoor seating areas in the neighborhood.


If at all possible, save room for dessert. I enjoyed a cannoli made in the Southern Italy style (read: delicious), while my daughter enjoyed their famous zeppoli. (Fried dough and powdered sugar. Amazingly, not greasy.)


If you can’t make it the restaurant, fear not. L’Inizio delivers within Long Island City, so you can enjoy their delicious pizza in the comfort of your own home. Call for delivery or check them out on seamless.

L’Inizio is approaching their 1st anniversary, and has quickly become a bustling and satisfying addition to the neighborhood. Salute!

L’Inizio Pizzeria, 47-23 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City, 718.361.1965, Facebook, Twitter.











Photo via Wikipedia

Grab a blanket and your besties because Hunters Point Park Conservancy is partnering with Cinema LIC  to bring the neighborhood a summer series of cult classics through out the summer.

My daughter turned 12 this year and I am having a blast introducing her to my favorite films one by one. Tonight, she will be introduced to Holly Go Lightly and one of American cinema’s most iconic films, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Note: I will cry when Audrey Hepburn sings Moonriver as I watch it under the moon and on the river. Consider yourself warned.

Photo via LIC Post.

Photo via LIC Post.

Movies begin at sunset (tonight is 8:20 pm), and are shown on the waterfront at Hunters Point Park South (Center Blvd. and 51st Ave.) or Gantry Plaza State Park, (Center Blvd. and 47th Ave.)

Future screenings include E.T. and When Harry Met Sally. For the season’s full lineup, check here. This series is sponsored by Nestseekers International.

Cinema LIC, Hunters Point Park South, Long Island City.


Movies are shown on the waterfront at Hunters Point South Park (Center Blvd & 51st Ave) or Gantry Plaza State Park (Center Blvd & 47th Ave). 


Movies are shown on the waterfront at Hunters Point South Park (Center Blvd & 51st Ave) or Gantry Plaza State Park (Center Blvd & 47th Ave). 








Today only, you can have some of your favorite Smorgasburg Queens items delivered right to your house. How crazy is that? Vendors include Kimchi Smoke, Patacon Pisao, Arepa Lady, Brine by Danny Brown, Celebes BAKAR Grill.

Classic arepa de choclo from The Arepa Lady- image via Smorgasburg Queens Instagram.

Classic arepa de choclo from The Arepa Lady- image via Smorgasburg Queens Instagram.

You can get all the details here on the Seamless events page. Deliveries will happen 11am to 6pm, July 18th only.







If you’re looking for a new spot to get your laugh on, Long Island City has you covered. The Standing Room comedy club will be moving into the former Laughing Devil space on Vernon Blvd, and they’ll be offering something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a place to catch a comedy show, watch a game, or just grab some quality cocktails.

The official grand opening will be August 6, and the new spot will offer a unique way for locals to try out the venue. If you live nearby, bring in a piece of junk mail (catalog, circular, credit card offer, etc.) proving you live in the neighborhood, and you’ll receive two free tickets to any show through August 31. If you’re a resident of LIC, Astoria, Sunnyside, Woodside, or Greenpoint, sounds like a good way to get rid of those RCN offers!

These cocktail shakers can't wait to start mixing your drinks August 6!

These cocktail shakers can’t wait to start mixing your drinks August 6!

The Standing Room will feature a cocktail menu created by the team from Angel Share in the East Village, and will partner with local restaurants to provide special desserts and small bites. If you love trivia night, you’ll be able to test your knowledge at their weekly quiz nights starting Tuesday, August 11. Carrying on the tradition of their predecessor, The Standing Room’s comedy programming will include Center City Comedy Night, which was the most popular weeknight show at the Laughing Devil.

Cocktails and comedy: sounds like a great combination! Who’s excited for the new addition to the neighborhood?

The Standing Room is located at  47-38 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City. (347) 913-3845 Facebook  Twitter





Joe DiStefano’s excitement for ethnic cuisine in Queens is contagious. The curator of the new Smorgasburg Queens: The World’s Fare shared with me his top three must-haves at the market that will hit Queens this Saturday, July 11th. Though I’m sure I’ll want to eat everything in sight, these standout vendors are now the top priority on my list.

Eqsuina del CamaronPhoto Courtesy of @joedistefanoqns

 La Esquina del Camaron Mexicano

As a Mexican, I could not be more excited to try the fresh shrimp and octopus cocktails this vendor has to offer. Each bite will surely remind me of the shores of my parents’ homeland. OMG, we just heard that La Esquina won’t be able to make it to Smorgasburg. Major bummer.

Patacon PisaoPhoto Courtesy of @PataconPisaoNYC

Patacon Pisao

Family ties play a strong role in the dishes served at this establishment. Their recipes have been passed down from generations of their Venezuelan ancestors.

Papa's KitchenPhoto Courtesy of @papas_kitchen_

Papa’s Kitchen

Be sure to snag a bite of their Kinunot—a stingray fish specialty—or for the more courageous of heart, try the Balut—a fertilized duck embryo.



Image credit- Kyle Huebbe/Smorgasburg

So since our friends at La Esquina can’t make it to the ‘burg, they suggested we tell you all about QI, who’s bringing simple yet delicious Thai food. Look for Thai papaya salad, grilled chicken, and sticky rice.

For more information, check out our Smorgasbord Queens post here.

43-29 Crescent Street
Long Island City, NY
Saturdays 11am to 6pm
Let us know what other must-haves you find at Smorgasburg Queens below in the comments.  





Smorgasburg Postcard

In t-minus 2 days, Smorgasburg will finally be making its way to Queens. Smorgasburg Queens: The World’s Fare promises to gather some of the borough’s most diverse food in an effort to show off the variety of cuisine Queens has to offer. They will be serving everything from Bloody Mary Donuts to Hong Kong Pomelo Soup to Taiwanese Shaved Snow. Though the list of food is excitingly exotic, some of our favorite local comfort food will also make an appearance.

fried puddingDeep Fried Pudding at Sugar Freak, Photo Courtesy of Sugar Freak

Sugar Freak will definitely be bringing the sugar to the party with their scrumptious looking deep fried pudding.  This week they will have Deep Fried Banana Pudding and Chocolate Coconut. Flavors will change on a weekly basis.

Angela DeCenzo Grilled Cheese Sandwich at The Queen’s Kickshaw, Photo Courtesy of Angela DeCenzo

 Another Astorian favorite, The Queen’s Kickshaw, will also make an appearance. The restaurant is known for making “fancy grilled cheeses” and will be doing just that at The World’s Fare. Their menu consists of grilled cheese, ice cream sandwiches—both of which will change weekly—chilled corn soup, watermelon salad, and cold brewed coffee.

Korean Redneck Tacos at Kimchi Smoke, Photo Courtesy of @_debbielee

Though most of the focus is on the food, I was lucky enough to get a few words from the curator of the Smorgasburg market transplant. Joe DiStefano—the writer of the online publication, Chopsticks and Marrow—is known for his knowledge of Queen’s gastronomy. When talking to him, it’s quite clear how passionate he is about the link between cuisine and culture. For him, “the staggering diversity of food and culture [in Queens] is intertwined…and inseparable.” He told me that when he guides food tours, he likes to bring people to a specific restaurant and incorporate a little cultural tour in the surrounding area.  So when you visit a Thai restaurant with Joe, “you can bet [we’re] going to the temple across the street.” This quality of authenticity is what keeps DiStefano coming back to Queens.

Mango PomeloMango Pomelo Soup at Kulu Desserts, Photo Courtesy of Kulu Desserts

When Smorgasburg contacted DiStefano back in May, he made a list of many of the vendors in Queens that he thought represented both the ethnic variety and the diverse flavor profile of the borough. One of his main goals was to show how uniquely delicious the food in Queens really is. For him, Smorgasburg is an opportunity to “encourage people to further explore Queens and to eat outside of their comfort zones.” Like many of us Queens residents, DiStefano hopes for a paradigm shift in opinion—that making the “trek” into Queens is actually just a quick ride across the river into an untapped culinary haven.

ArepaArepa at Arepa Lady, Photo Courtesy of @liz01

Smorgasburg Queens: The World Fare will be located at 43-29 Crescent Street, Long Island City. The location is a stone’s throw away from several trains—the 7, N, Q, M, R, E, and G trains are all within a couple of blocks walking distance.  The market will open this Saturday, July 11th from 11am to 6pm. Smorgasburg will remain there every Saturday until the end of summer. 

Celebes Bakar Indonesian Grill

Skewers at Celebes Bakar Indonesian Grill, Photo Courtesy of @smorgasburgqueens

Let us know what you hope to see and try at Smorgasburg Queens: The World’s Fare below in the comments.





Photo via LIC Post

Photo via LIC Post

Remember that time your Instagram and Facebook feed blew up with Manhattan henge pictures? Spoiler: you needn’t go to Manhattan to catch a glimpse!

For the second time this year, we are going to get the best seats in the house for the wonder that is Manhattan Solstice; two days that occur during summer solstice where the sun set aligns with the streets running East- to West.

On Sunday, July 12 at 7pm, The Hunters Point Park Conservancy invites you to join friends and neighbors at LIC Landing by COFFED where you can enjoy the view and special discounts all evening.

This year, skip the crowded Manhattan streets and enjoy the natural wonder of solstice in your own borough. And when you post your epic shot, make sure you use the hashtag #LIChenge and #LIClanding.

LIC Landing_Coffeed

LIC LANDING, 52-10 Center Blvd. Long Island City  Facebook | Instagram | Twitter






Do you already have “where should I watch the fireworks” anxiety? Fear not! We’ve rounded up some of the best spots to watch fireworks in Astoria and LIC. Do you have a suggestion we missed? Leave a note in the comments!

(And don’t forget our big American Craft Beer & Bourbon bash July 2nd. It’s a great way to kick off your Independence Day weekend, hope to see you there!)

Get Thee To A Rooftop or Balcony


Do you know someone who lives in a cool building on the water? Maybe in one of those buildings above? They’re going to get main stage views of the big event, so now is the time to buddy up. Alternatively, some rooftops in Astoria might have partial views, especially ones closer to the river.

Gantry State Park


Photo credit: Anthony Aldorasi via the WHA Flickr group

For up-front-and-personal fireworks this year, Gantry Park is your best bet. The Macy’s website indicates that Center Blvd from 48th Avenue to 49th Avenue will be one of the best viewing locations. BUT! Keep in mind neighbor Hunter’s Point South Park is the official staging area and will not be open to the public July 4th. Of course, this might go without saying, expect crowded conditions at this location.

LIC Flea (at night!)


Photo by Diana Robinson/Mayoral Photography Office

Popular LIC Flea is opening a special night market this July 4th. Expect 80+ vendors, their classic Queens beer garden, lots of food, and fireworks fun. The party gets going at noon and wraps up at 10:30. You can get info on their event page here.

Z Hotel


BBQ, drinks, and fireworks- a pretty all American combo. To reserve a ticket to the Z hotel fireworks bash, click here.

Penthouse808 at Ravel

Image by

Image by

Check out the fireworks at Penthouse808, though be warned some of their tickets run as much as $1,500!!!

Vista Skylounge


For $65 ($20 for kids!) you can take in the show on Vista’s stunning rooftop.  Tickets include an all American buffet- but drinks are extra. The fun kicks off at 8pm.

Anable Basin

Image via Go Kamino

Image via Go Kamino

Anable Basin Sailing Bar and Grill is a great place to take in the show this year. Tickets are just $40, and the venue offers a casual, no fuss environment that’s WHLIC approved. DJ, food, live music, and more.

Astoria Park

Image via Abdel Berraha

Image via Abdel Berraha

Let’s face it- you’re probably not going to get the best view (if any) in Astoria Park. But- fear not! Astoria Park has their own kick ass pyrotechnics display on June 30th. Grab a blanket and some snacks and get your fireworks on early this year.